Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP India

Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Commerce

The Department offers an 3 years Honours course in Commerce at the undergraduate level. The department started with the objective of imparting education along with training and research, focused on developing credible and competent professionals for banking and financial sectors in India and abroad. The Commerce Department creates a stimulating environment for the academic growth of its students and provides them with a thorough understanding of a range of subjects such as business organization, financial accounting, corporate law, economic theory and business communication. The faculty members of the Department are known for their expertise in finance and organizational behaviour and impart practical knowledge of the discipline in auditing, company law and income tax. The Department attracts some of the most talented students and the graduates from the department find employment in both private and public sectors. Many go on to study at professional institutes, or do programmes in Law and Business Management.

Study Topics

Part 1: Business Communications
Business Statistics
Financial Accounting
Business Regulatory Framework
Business Economics
Business Environment

Part 2: Company Law
Cost Accounting
Principles of Business Management
Income Tax
Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
Public Finance
Industrial Law

Part 3: Corporate Accounting
Money and Financial System
Information Technology and its implications in Business
Financial Management
Accounting Management
Principles of Marketing
International Marketing
Fundamental of Insurance
Indian Banking System
Internet and World Wide Web
Essentials of e-commerce
Human Resource Management
Industrial Relations
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