Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP India

Degree Programmes


Teaching Staff

 Name  Post  Subject  Qualification
1.    Dr. A K Srivastava  Principal  Commerce  Ph.D.
2.    Dr. Rajkumar  Asstt. Professor  Economics  M.A.(Economics), BEd, Ph.D.
3.    Dr. Brajpal Singh  Asstt. Professor  Economics  M.A.(Economics), Ph.D.
4.    Dr. Sangita Gupta  Asstt. Professor  Commerce  Ph.D.
5.    Dr. Anirudha Kumar  Asstt. Professor  Commerce  Ph.D.
6.    Dr. Babita  Asstt. Professor  Commerce  Ph.D.
7.    Dr. Nitin Kumar Jain  Asstt. Professor  Commerce  Ph.D.
8.    Dr. Sandip Kumar Gupta  Asstt. Professor  Commerce  Ph.D.
9.    Dr. Ritu Singh  Asstt. Professor  English  M.A.(English), Ph.D.
10.    Dr. Taklish Haider  Asstt. Professor  English  M.A.(English), Ph.D.
11.    Mr. Rakesh Kumar  Asstt. Professor  Sociology  M.A.(Sociology), M.Phil.
12.    Dr. Seema Devi  Asstt. Professor  Sociology  M.A.(Sociology), M.Phil.
13.    Dr. Guemeet Singh Juneja  Asstt. Professor  Sociology  M.A.(Sociology), M.Phil.
14.    Dr. Deepshikha  Asstt. Professor  Geography  M.Sc.(Geography), Ph.D.
15.    Dr. Munandra Singh  Asstt. Professor  Geography  M.Sc.(Geography), Ph.D.
16.    Dr. Shankar Singh  Asstt. Professor  Geography  M.Sc.(Geography), Ph.D.
17.    Dr. Kavita Visth  Asstt. Professor  Home Science  M.Sc.(Home Science), Ph.D.
18.    Dr. Bhawna Goyal  Asstt. Professor  Home Science  M.Sc.(Home Science), Ph.D.
19.    Dr. Rita Chawala  Asstt. Professor  Hindi  M.A.(Hindi), Ph.D.
20.    Mrs. Meenakshi Shahini  Asstt. Professor  Hindi  M.A.(Hindi)
21.    Dr. Md. Irfan  Asstt. Professor  Urdu  M.A.(Urdu, Sociology), Ph.D.
22.    Dr. Malka Begum  Asstt. Professor  Urdu  M.A.(Urdu), Ph.D.
  Administrative Staff
 Name  Post  Qualification
1.    Mr. Amit Kumar Bhatnagar  Office Manager  M.Com.
2.    Mr. Rajpal Singh  Office Executive  Inter
  Commerce Department
  • Bachelors in Commerce
  Art Department
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Home Science
  • Geography
  Anti Ragging

As an institution we are totally against the concept of ragging and we have constituted an Anti Ragging Committee under the supervision of Dr. Rita Chawala.


Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging, whether actively or passively, or being a part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with these Regulations as well as under the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force.

  Fee Structure
  • Tution Fee
  • Admission Fee
  • Reading Room Fee
  • Library Fee
  • Games Fee (College Games + Unversity Games)
  • Social Union & Welfare Fee
  • Magazine
  • Caution Money
  • Development Fee
  • I-Card Fee
  • Convocation & Annual Function Fee
  • Hot & Cold Fee & Generator Fee
  • Medical Fee
  • Geography Practical Fee
  • Home Science Fee
  • University Exam Fee
  Admission Procedure

  Based on past examination performance and merit of the candidate.

We are transperant in all of the administrative activities. Dr. Udayveer Singh is incharge of RTI in the college.

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