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Degree Programmes

Master of Arts in English

Part 1
Paper I – Prose
Paper II – Poetry from Chaucer to 1798
Paper III – English Drama
Paper IV - Fiction

Paper I – Nineteenth Century English Poetry
Paper II – Twentieth Century English Literature
Paper III – Literary Criticism
Paper IV A – History of English Literature
Paper IV B – American Literature
Paper IV A – Indian English Literature
Paper IV B – Commonwealth Literature

M.A Applied English

Course Objectives:

The recent two decades have witnessed a great upsurge of job- opportunities for student holding Post Graduate degree in English, in ever increasing number of Engineering and Management Colleges, in outsourcing sector, in Marketing jobs and of course, in the colleges and universities. A student, able to communicate in fluent English is liable to achieve success in every walk of life – be it professional, social or economical. The course of M.A. Applied English has been designed with the following objectives.

1. The main objective of the course is to develop sensibility and emotions of students with the purpose to enable them to relish literature.
2. The papers of applied nature (such as Translation) would enable them to seek jobs other than the conventional teaching job.
3. To eliminate the errors of articulation and to improve the performance of students in English. By making them more articulate and confident it will open new vistas of better job opportunities for them.
4. The greatest contribution of this course shall be to mould and to chisel the communicative skills of students.
5. To motivate them for self- learning with the purpose to acquire success in every walk of life.

Nomenclature of the papers Syllabus (W.E.F. July, 2008)

M.A. Applied English

There will be twelve written paper of 100 marks each (six papers in M.A.-I and Six in M.A.-II) and a Viva-Voce of 100 marks in M.A. II Year. All the six papers in M.A.-I shall be compulsory. M.A.-II has five compulsory papers and an optional paper with three options.

Paper-I Phonetics & Spoken English
Paper-II Literature in English: 1360-1670
Paper-III Literature in English: 1670-1798
Paper-IV Literature in English: 1798-1914
Paper-V Literature in English: 1914 to the present age
Paper-VI A. Indian Writing in English Or B. Translation

Paper-VII : Research Methodology And Professional Communication
Paper-VIII : Drama
Paper-IX : Critical Theory
Paper-X : Twentieth Century Literature
Paper-XI : American Literature
Paper-XII : A. Canadian Literature Or B. Trends, Genres & Movement Or C. Linguistics
Paper-XIII : Viva-Voce (100 Marks)